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"I was given a copy of the film, and did research on the story," said Williams. "I was not at all familiar, I had no clue [about Daniels], but once I had the story, it was easy. It's such a poignant story, I knew what to basically write."

Williams expressed high hopes for the piece.

"I hope it gets performed a lot, I love the piece," said Williams. "People seem to see the humanity."

Although Daniels hails from Keene, his story is oftentimes overshadowed by other events that took place at around the same time.

"I'd never heard of Jonathan Daniels or the circumstances of his life and death before I started work on the film," said Benaquist. "I wish I had known him, I'm just a year younger than he would have been."

Sales suggested one reason why this might be so.

"[Stories of] popular struggle are eradicated by traditional institutions," said Sales. "[Students] only know of upper class white men such as George Washington, they don't know the stories of the lives and struggles of ordinary people.

"The great things are done by ordinary people," Sales continued. "Young people have a responsibility to seek education outside of the classroom. Some issues we face today, [such as] militarism, violence, the erosion of the Constitution due to the U.S.A. Patriot Act and the chaos in society, are some of the same sets of conditions that we faced 40 years ago."

Sales stressed the importance of the work of Daniels and other such "ordinary people."

"It's important to move out of your comfort zones," said Sales. "We charter new territory and expand our lives in such wonderful ways. We learn the capacity of the human spirit, and also learn about our own capacity."

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